Red and black bird cage dishes for both 5.00
Photographed in front of stove to give an idea of size. Good cage for small birds like parakeets, finches, etc. Height @ highest point: 33.75" Width @ widest point: 22.5" Depth: 13.5" Base measures 18.5" x 14.25" Location: Appleton - Pierce Park area. (cross-posted)
This is Peetey, a Green Cheeked Conure who is looking for her forever family. Peetey is a young bird -- approx 4yrs old -- and will be a sweet companion bird for a family. She loves her cage, but will come out to visit and give kisses. ...
This is NoToe. NoToe is a Congo African Grey who is approx 19yrs old. NoToe's favorite companion is male. He is not fond of women, but will step up if he's less than happy with his male companion. Otherwise, he really is a 1 person bird. ...
This is Ernie. Ernie is a Timneh African Grey who is approx 5 yrs old. Ernie prefers the comfort and safety of his cage and is a bit shy. He does like to sit on top of his cage, snacking on pellets and whistling. He is just learning to step ...
Hi my name is Pepper and I am a amazon that needs a lot of love. She is not aggressive, but is very scared of hands. She will need a lot of patience and a lot of 1 on one time. She does like it when some 1 is talking to her. For more details on this gorgeous bird please give us a call. Thank you for looking.
Hi my name is Lucy and i am a shy girl until a get to know you. I love taking baths playing with my toys and being where i can here and see you. I do have a fear with hands, and am trying to work on this fear to overcome it. I am looking for a forever home with someone who is experienced with birds like me. For more info on me please contact the rescue and set up a appointment to come see me. T...
Charlie Brown II is a very lovable and loving Cockatiel. Charlie loves playing with his toys and he has many of them. He loves his swing the most and is usually found on it. He likes rocking back and forth while on it to make it swing. Sometimes he will even accept human help in making it move. Charlie also likes when people talk to him. He may not come to the side of his cage but you can tell ...
Hi my name is Charlie Brown and I'm a quaker that is very healthy. I am a very active Bird that loves playing with my toys. I prefer men over females and don't care for kids. When I am in a great mood I can talk. I can be aggressive towards hands especially when they are in my cage. I am looking for a male companion to love me for who I am. For more information please give us a call. Charlie Br...
This is Raya. Raya is a Congo African Grey who is approx nineteen years old. Raya loves being out of her cage and exploring under close supervision. ;) She is very, very smart. Raya does not like men and has been known to be very aggressive and mean...
Adopt 39341564 a Gray Other/Unknown / Mixed bird in Appleton, WI (22821196)
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